Otoplasty is plastic surgery of the ears. This surgery involves correction of the size and shape of the ear, removing such defects as stop them (protruding ears) and the pronounced asymmetry, as well as correction of a variety of possible deformations of the auricles. 

Plastic surgery on the ear by time lasts about 1:0. It is performed under local anesthesia, and notes before the doctor operated the region through markup. SCAR after the surgery is not visible because the incision is placed behind the ear, in the crease. After the compression bandage is applied. 

Within 2-3 hours after the surgery, the patient is under the supervision of a surgeon, and then you can go home. There is some swelling of the skin after plastic surgery ear correction surgery method, which gradually goes down and disappear within 3-4 weeks. Compressive bandage is worn 24 hours a day for 10 days, but already after 7 days all the stitches are removed. 

In the days following surgery, ear surgery, you must always wear a bandage overnight to prevent deformation of the cartilage. Moreover, after the operation in two weeks you want to restrict the active sports, accompanied by hard physical activity, proceed to 2 months later.

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