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Hip and Buttock Aesthetics

Hip and Buttock Aesthetics

Hip and Buttock Aesthetics

We all want to have an ideal body and shapely hips. However, factors such as weight gain or aging can cause deterioration in body shape and excessive lubrication in the hip-butt area.

Depending on the condition of the person, these aesthetic operations are operations that do not leave any traces such as liposuction, fat injection (lipofilling) and one or more of the scar operations such as stretching and recovery. Scar operations such as stretching and recovery are the applications that come into play in cases where the hips are too sagging, and if there is no sagging in the hips, it is an operation performed only in the form of taking the fat from one place and injecting it into another place.

In our patients who complain of a small buttock, they will be in our surgery center with a custom-made silicone prosthesis that will be placed under the muscle after a small operation. Silicones are never felt because there is submuscular placement. Since the fold area between the two buttocks is used as the entrance of the prosthesis, the scar is not obvious.